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Every day, the actions we perform condition our mind and body to perform in a particular way. Actions become habits and habits become our day-to-day reality.


BUT the brain is a muscle and can be reprogrammed. You just need the right strategy, FOR YOU.

Together, we'll realign and recenter, assess and future plan, remove blocks and barriers, and teach you how to tap in to the Limitless Version of Yourself anytime, anywhere.


Mike Maddocks is a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Intuitive Coach. He works with clients in a 1 on 1 setting to help them discover their passions, reconnect with their core, conquer their goals, and step into their true self.


What best serves You?

Spiritual Guidance

Reconnect. Reground. Reinspire. 

When we are in tune with our higher self, our path begins to take shape. 

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Performance & Mindset Coaching

For the High Achiever in all of us. 

When you know  you are on the verge of breaking into that next phase of your life. It's time to run at your full potential.

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Poker Coaching

It's more than a game.

Poker is the strongest test of the mind in any sport. Top results require investment in ourselves both on and off the felt. How high are you ready to go?

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Choose your Path


One Live Video Coaching session every week. 

The all access

One live coaching call per week PLUS day-to-day accountability

Gold package

One live video coaching session every 2 weeks

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